Start 2007 with a boost

Why not get your new year off to a great start by boosting your self esteem?
Starting with me….. is a Saturday session designed to give you creative and practical ways to feel good about yourself and keep feeling good in 2007.

Our self belief affects our success.
Our performance, our appearance, our presence, our results are all coloured by our self esteem. It affects what we do in each situation and in every relationship. High self esteem means we feel good, which in turn means we perform well. So Starting with me…. is all about finding ways to keep our self esteem high. You will leave with your own portfolio of your preferred techniques, ideas and inspiration for managing your vulnerabilities and exploring your potential.

The venue is a lovely relaxed cafe setting at New Place, Shirrell Heath, Southampton.

This Saturday session builds on the suggestions from me + you = especially the chapter My Self Esteem. (See me + you = page)

Places are limited. To book now email
82.25 (inc VAT) includes lunch and refreshments with teas & coffee on tap.
07906 321605