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An elephant in the room? Walking on eggshells? No heads above the parapet?

Let's change that! Just go through the menu bar to find the best way for you and your teams. And then Contact Us!

People Intelligence offers personalised development for top teams and high potentials who want to be emotionally intelligent and facilitative leaders. People who know that great work results from more sophisticated people skills.

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Interpersonal skills are evolving in response to changing times and changing attitudes. Most of us, this millennium, want and expect, a personalised approach. As customers, we are no longer satisfied with mass produced goods and services. We expect to be treated as individuals and will change suppliers to get what we want. Similarly, the people we employ are no longer happy to be treated as workers. They expect to be treated with respect as individuals and want job roles that are adapted to their talents and preferences.

To gain new, and powerful, people skills, leaders and managers need to:

  • raise their self awareness so they can see how they behave in different situations
  • practise new behaviours among their people (not just learn new information)
  • have access to reliable feedback so they can compare themselves with other people's perceptions of them and
  • identify what to develop and what to sustain

  • More 'jazz improvisation' than 'orchestra'
  • Solutions focused
  • Facilitative
  • Emotional Intelligence underpins everything we do
People are the intelligence of an organisation. If their intelligence is acknowledged, developed, nurtured and valued, they will add the greatest worth. We want your business to achieve a balance between purpose, profit and the planet while valuing your people for all they are worth.

If you'd like to know more about People Intelligence, please explore the website, especially Coaching Culture and Inspire from the Top.

And please do Contact us.