Simple and lasting ways to become more resilient – whether that’s you as an individual or a whole culture-shift – new habits start here

Resilience Daybook Online Programme

The programme for 2022 is underway. If you’re interested in joining next year’s group, please email me directly



A series of 6 video webinars, over 6 months for mentors responsible for developing resilience in NQTs, RQTs and SCITT trainees. As participants, you will complete a a customised version of the Resilience Daybook, gradually introducing 20 resilience habits to focus on well-being, to retain your newer recruits and to protect your investment in the productivity of your people.

The Resilience Daybook Online Programme:

  • uses conversations based on visual metaphor to make resilience meaningful for you and the people you work with
  • introduces ways to practise resilience habits and keep them going until they become automatic
  • shows you how to build resilience muscles and increase emotional stamina
  • makes resilience a routine response in day to day life
  • fits your needs so that you can take a gradual or more rapid approach

Here’s how it will benefit you and your people:

  • When people have lost their way, you’ll have materials that help them find themselves again.
  • When people are blinkered and critical, you’ll have a common language to broaden their perspectives.
  • When someone is struggling through worries and setbacks, you’ll have resources for keeping them strong.
  • When people are knocked by criticism and judgements, you’ll empower them to have a different outlook.
  • When people are drained and down, you’ll know how to get things more upbeat.

Using the Resilience Daybook embeds a resilient culture over time as people develop resilience together – in themselves, in others and in their relationships. You’ll see improved performance, productivity and well-being. And, importantly, you’ll see resilient role models for the children in a healthier, happier workplace.

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Equal II se

Equal II se is a visual metaphor for respect.

These four pages from the Resilience Daybook give you ways to talk about All Different, All Equal, during anti-bullying week 2017 and beyond, as part of developing resilience and living the school value of respect. Equal II se is fundamental to fairness, compassion and accepting differences.

Download the four page discussion sheets for adults here

Click here to find Equal II se for kids

Click here to find a more advanced version of Equal II se for adults.

When the Tension Goes

When you’re not feeling great about something, or someone, or about yourself, here are some things you can do to feel a bit better.

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This series of trackers enable you to develop different facets of resilience in yourself and your people. Each theme has 30 habits. Each habit is easy to put into practice and most take under two minutes to do. You can keep track of how many habits you have completed either by putting a tick in the tracker or noting the number of the habit you’ve completed that day.

Do it your way

30 habits mean you can do one a day for each working day, which will cover a half-term. Or, you can do one seven days a week and that gives you a calendar month.

The trackers are not date specific. The process is not a competition. It’s a simple way for you to keep a personal log.

The habit you choose on which day is entirely up to you, just keep track once you’ve completed each habit.

  • You can start at 1 and do a different habit each day until you reach 30.
  • You can choose a number randomly and go with that one for that day.
  • You can select a habit to suit what’s happening for you that day.
  • You can pick a habit that you know is a challenge for you and repeat that habit each day for thirty days.


All the trackers are Copyleft which means you can download, share and use extensively while respecting and acknowledging the source.

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