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  • What am I like?

    What am I like?

    All personal development starts with self awareness. You can use this questionnaire to give yourself a rating against twenty facets of emotional intelligence so that you can identify your strengths and the areas you’d like to focus on. Your personal development starts here!

  • Questions on the Go

    Questions on the Go

    Questions on the Go is a great approach for those times when people want you to solve things for them. Simply ask them the questions until they find the next step through their responses. You can also give everyone a card to use for themselves – ahead of coming to ask you!

  • Questions on the Go – Notes 

    Questions on the Go – Notes 

    Writing down your responses to Questions on the Go makes a real difference and increases the likelihood of making your intention happen. You can give this template to others and use it for yourself to turn your thoughts into possibilities and action.

  • No need to take things so personally

    No need to take things so personally

    If you want to be ‘more Teflon than Velcro’, to stop comments and feedback persistently sticking, this video gives you valuable practices to move on and get things in perspective.

  • Just the Way You Are

    Just the Way You Are

    If we like ourselves and accept ourselves, we behave differently. We show respect for ourselves. This video offers you tips and techniques to grow in these personal and sensitive areas.

  • No need to be so defensive

    No need to be so defensive

    Defensiveness is automatic. We feel a little bit better in ourselves if we can point the blame or the fault in another direction. What we often don’t realize is how that affects our credibility. This video offers some truths about defensiveness so you can slow down the tell-tale automatic reactions.

  • Bouncing Back

    Bouncing Back

    A short video introducing some pointers and practices for picking yourself up after setbacks and getting back on track. A pre-cursor to Resilience.

  • Be your own best friend

    Be your own best friend

    Many people find it easier to be kind to others than to themselves. Self compassion is becoming increasingly recognized as essential for personal effectiveness, this video gets you started on how to be kinder to yourself.

  • The Buzz Factor

    The Buzz Factor

    High performing teams have a special energy – a buzz, a sense of being alive to possibility. It isn’t a one off. It doesn’t come and go. It’s a hallmark of achievement.

    The responses to these questions, and the actions you take, will progress you towards that achievement.

  • Collaboration


    The need for collaboration is often clear and common sense, yet collaborating in practice can be surprisingly difficult. This article highlights the potential benefits and pitfalls of collaborating along with processes and questions to increase your chances of successful collaborations.

  • Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Handling

    Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Handling

    An article exploring why conflict can feel ‘bad’, and how it can become toxic, along with suggestions for how to manage conflict skillfully so that it feels healthy and creative.

  • Coaching: 4 videos

    Coaching: 4 videos

    These four videos were made with Genius Films for the ETC Alliance within Wildern National Teaching School. Each one is edited to within 6 minutes. They are a great way to revisit and revise some key aspects of coaching practice.

    They offer An Introduction to Coaching which covers personal and professional development coaching and practical coaching i.e. a coaching approach plus videos of the coaching process in action.

  • Tail wagging

    Tail wagging

    You don’t have to be a dog lover to know that if you stroke a dog, it wags its tail. Its body language instantly reveals how good that feels. As humans, the right kind of recognition and appreciation instantly impacts on how good we feel. This video offers suggestions so that you too can make tails wag!

  • Equal II se for kids <br/>All Different, All Equal

    Equal II se for kids
    All Different, All Equal

    Equal II se is a visual metaphor for respect.
    These reflection and discussion sheets from the Resilience Daybook give you ways to talk about All Different, All Equal, during anti-bullying week 2017 and beyond, as part of developing resilience and living the school value of respect. Equal II se is fundamental to fairness, compassion and accepting differences.

  • Anger


    Free, funny, youthful and informative videos from Jamie and Mr Clubber (Cyrenians Edinburgh). Everyone can relate to these at some level. They’re well suited to the classroom, the training room or watching on your device of choice.